Sunset Ridge

School District 29

About District 29
20157139939892_image.JPG image Located in the Village of Northfield approximately 20 miles north of downtown Chicago, District 29 consists of two schools. Middlefork School serves students in kindergarten through 3rd grade, while students in 4th through 8th grade attend Sunset Ridge School. District boundaries include a large portion of Northfield, as well as a small section of Northbrook.

The District houses approximately 500 children; depending on the grade level, class sizes range between 15 and 22. Our small class size and an advantageous teacher-student ratio support the District's child-centered philosophy. The school day, schedule, teaching practices and educational setting at both Middlefork and Sunset Ridge School are tailored to best provide a developmentally appropriate, yet rigorous learning environment.

Our dedicated and professional teachers and support staff place a strong emphasis on meeting the unique needs of every learner. Programs are available to provide extra challenge and enrichment as well as additional support. Hands-on learning and stimulating educational experiences provide students with varied opportunities to interact with the material in meaningful ways. Technology is used as a tool to support instruction and further enhance the learning experience. Laptops are provided to every student in grades 3 through 8. Social and emotional learning is also emphasized. Character education is an important part of the school program.

Our high level of parent support and involvement contributes significantly to the success of our District, as does our solid financial standing. A recipient of Financial Recognition status from the Illinois State Board of Education for the past several years, the District's financial health is strong.

District 29 graduates who continue in public school attend New Trier High School. There they join students from five other New Trier Township districts. Nearby private high school options include Loyola Academy and Regina Dominican High School.