Sunset Ridge

School District 29

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Administration Team & Support Staff
Superintendent Ed Stange [email protected]
Associate Superintendent/ Building Principal (MFS) Mary Frances Greene [email protected]
Chief School Business Official Tom Beerheide [email protected]
Building Principal (SRS) Ivy Sukenik [email protected]
Director of Buildings and Grounds Corey Dreher [email protected]
Director of Student Services Emily Dunham [email protected]
Director of Technology & Innovation Sheri Styczen [email protected]
Administrative Assistant (Sunset Ridge) Kyla Quesada [email protected]
Administrative Assistant (Sunset Ridge) Debbie Lofdahl [email protected]
Administrative Assistant  (Middlefork)Melissa Draka [email protected] 
Accounts Payable & Fiscal Services Anna Kristen [email protected]
Payroll & Benefits Colleen Faber [email protected]
Network Manager Brian Thiel [email protected]
Data Specialist Mike Provenzano [email protected]
Middlefork School Teaching Staff (K-3)      
Kindergarten Teacher Elaine Dekin [email protected]
Kindergarten Teacher Paige Dempsey [email protected]
Kindergarten Teacher NatalieDoebler[email protected]
Kindergarten TA      
Kindergarten TA      
1st Grade Teacher Rachel Berkhof [email protected]
1st Grade Teacher Lindsay Bozeday [email protected]
1st Grade Teacher Hillary Davis [email protected]
2nd Grade Teacher Misty Bell [email protected]
2nd Grade Teacher Caitlin Anderson [email protected]
2nd Grade Teacher Matt Wilkinson [email protected]
2nd Grade TA Catherine Kanda [email protected]
3rd Grade Teacher Caitlin Leary [email protected]
3rd Grade Teacher Lisa Brumwell [email protected]
3rd Grade Teacher Anna Wendt [email protected]
Student Services Teacher (K, 1) Maureen O'Looney [email protected]
Student Services Teacher (2, 3) Dodi Bailen [email protected]
Student Services Teacher (2, 3) Laurie Barry [email protected]
Technology TA      
Administrative Assistant Melissa Draka [email protected]
Art Teacher Robin Nagy [email protected]
Custodian Dave Parks [email protected]
Advanced Learning Science/Math Angela Schieffer [email protected]
Advanced Learning Humanities Beth Pauls [email protected]
Library/Media Specialist Kellie Johnson [email protected]
Music Teacher Shawna Rosen [email protected]
Nurse Ann Mertes [email protected]
PE Teacher Donna Kasper [email protected]
Principal Mary Frances Greene [email protected]
Spanish Teacher Sarah Dengsavang [email protected]
Speech Pathologist Sara Brown [email protected]
Sunset Ridge School Teaching Staff (4-8)      
4th Grade Teacher Rachel Schrader [email protected]
4th Grade Teacher JoAnn Tennenabaum [email protected]
4th Grade Teacher Robin Zogby [email protected]
Student Services Teacher (4) Nina Furman [email protected]
4th Grade TA Caron Arenson [email protected]
5th Grade Teacher Heather Johnson [email protected]
5th/6th Grade Teacher Jennifer Kahlenberg [email protected]
Student Services Teacher (5/6) Sheila Rossi [email protected]
5th/6th Grade TA Anna Nikolopoulos [email protected]
5th/6th Grade TA Sunmin Park [email protected]
5th/6th Grade TA      
5th/6th Grade Teacher Mindy Golub [email protected]
5th/6th Grade Teacher Dawn Meziere [email protected]
5th/6th Grade Teacher Christine Mason [email protected]
Student Services Teacher (5/6) Claire Rasso [email protected]
7th Grade Teacher Adrienne Handelman [email protected]
7th Grade Teacher Tiffany Neuhausel [email protected]
7th Grade Teacher Christine Roberts [email protected]
Intervention Specialist Dana Dorsey [email protected]
Intervention Specialist TA Jacqeline Bresse-Rodenkirk [email protected]
Student Services Teacher (7/8) Rebecca Feldman [email protected]
7th/8th Grade SS TA Julie Klawitter [email protected]
7th/8th Grade SS TA      
7th/8th Grade SS TA      
7th/8th Grade SS TA      
7th/8th Grade Teacher Susan Stonequist [email protected]
7th/8th Grade Teacher Nicole Johnston [email protected]
8th Grade Teacher Kristin Gonzalez [email protected]
8th Grade Teacher Michele Widdes [email protected]
Student Services Teacher (7/8) Jordan Kohl [email protected]
Computer Science Teacher Kim Heilenbach [email protected]
Librarian Lauren Gray [email protected]
Band Teacher Allissa Baldwin [email protected]
ESL Teacher Neha Varughese [email protected]
ESL TA Katarzyna Mikrut [email protected]
School Psychologist Adelaide Allen [email protected]
School Psychologist Larissa Antognoli [email protected]
School Psychologist Intern Abby Weinstein [email protected]
Social Worker Susan George [email protected]
Spanish Teacher Shelby Cavnar [email protected]
Spanish Teacher Sarah Dengsavang [email protected]
Spanish Teacher Pilar Westfall [email protected]
Art Teacher Lynn Horne [email protected]
Music Teacher Joseph Lewis [email protected]
Nurse Linda Curry [email protected]
Orchestra Teacher Hilary Logan [email protected]
PE Teacher Lisa Mattera [email protected]
PE Teacher Dave Sislow [email protected]
PE Teacher TA      
Speech Pathologist Brittany Pengiel [email protected]
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