Sunset Ridge

School District 29

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Administration Team & Support Staff      
Superintendent Ed Stange
Chief School Business Official Tom Beerheide
Building Principal (MFS) Mary Frances Greene
Building Principal (SRS) Ivy Sukenik
Director of Buildings and Grounds Corey Dreher
Director of Student Services Emily Dunham
Director of Technology & Innovation Sheri Styczen
Administrative Assistant Kyla Quesada
Administrative Assistant Debbie Lofdahl
Accounts Payable & Fiscal Services Anna Kristen
Payroll & Benefits Colleen Faber
Network Manager Brian Thiel
Data Specialist Mike Provenzano
Middlefork School (K-3)      
Kindergarten Teacher Elaine Dekin
Kindergarten Teacher Paige Dempsey
Kindergarten TA Pat Gillings
Kindergarten TA Mirela Jezerak
1st Grade Teacher Rachel Berkhof
1st Grade Teacher Lindsay Bozeday
1st Grade Teacher Hillary Davis
2nd Grade Teacher Misty Bell
2nd Grade Teacher Caitlin Anderson
2nd Grade Teacher Matt Wilkinson
2nd Grade TA Catherine Kanda
3rd Grade Teacher Caitlin Berry
3rd Grade Teacher Lisa Brumwell
3rd Grade Teacher Anna Wendt
Student Services Teacher (K, 1) Maureen O'Looney
Student Services Teacher (2, 3) Dodi Bailen
Student Services Teacher (2, 3) Laurie Barry
Technology TA Jen Gilbert
Administrative Assistant Anne Murphy
Art Teacher Robin Nagy
Custodian Dave Parks
Advanced Learning Science/Math Angela Schieffer
Advanced Learning Humanities Beth Pauls
Library/Media Specialist Kellie Johnson
Music Teacher Shawna Rosen
Nurse Ann Mertes
PE Teacher Donna Kasper
Principal Mary Frances Greene
Spanish Teacher Sarah Dengsavang
Speech Pathologist Sara Brown
Sunset Ridge School (4-8)      
4th Grade Teacher Rachel Schrader
4th Grade Teacher JoAnn Tennenabaum
4th Grade Teacher Robin Zogby
Student Services Teacher (4) Nina Furman
4th Grade TA Caron Arenson
5th Grade Teacher Heather Johnson
5th Grade Teacher Jennifer Kahlenberg
Student Services Teacher (5) Sheila Rossi
5th Grade TA Jacqueline Bresse-Rodenkirk
5th Grade TA Elizabeth Nieman
6th Grade LA Teacher Mindy Golub
6th Grade Math Teacher Dawn Meziere
6th Grade Science Christine Mason
Student Services Teacher (6) Claire Rasso
6th Grade TA Sunmin Park
7th Grade LA Teacher Alexandra Campbell
7th Grade Math Teacher Tiffany Neuhausel
7th Grade Social Studies Teacher Christine Roberts
Student Services Teacher (7) Clare Raming
Extended Resource Teacher Rebecca Feldman
7th Grade SS TA Ruth Bartel
6th, 7th, & 8th Grade SS TA Anna Nikolopoulos
7th Grade SS TA May Quidang
8th Grade Math Teacher Susan Stonequist
8th Grade Science Teacher Nicole Johnston
8th Grade Social Studies Teacher Kristin Gonzalez
8th Grade LA Teacher Michele Widdes
Student Services Teacher (8) Jordan Kohl
8th Grade SS TA Julie Klawitter
Band Teacher Allissa Baldwin
Custodian Phil Kramer
ESL Teacher Neha Varughese
ESL TA Katarzyna Mikrut
School Psychologist Adelaide Allen
School Psychologist Larissa Antognoli
School Psychologist Intern   Abby
Social Worker Susan George
Spanish Teacher Shelby Cavnar
Spanish Teacher Sarah Dengsavang
Spanish Teacher Pilar Westfall
Art Teacher Lynn Horne
Music Teacher Joseph Lewis
Nurse Linda Curry
Orchestra Teacher Hilary Logan
PE Teacher Lisa Mattera
PE Teacher Dave Sislow
PE Teacher TA Katie Chalmers
Principal Ivy Sukenik
Speech Pathologist Brittany Borucki
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