Sunset Ridge

School District 29

Superintendent's Greeting
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Dear Visitor,

On behalf of the faculty and staff of Middlefork and Sunset Ridge Schools, I welcome you to the Sunset Ridge District 29 web page!

Sunset Ridge School District 29 is a very special place where we live our mission of “educating the hearts and minds of students, one child at a time.” Our faculty and staff truly care about every student and family we serve, and strive to cultivate partnerships that promote a well-rounded educational experience. Our curriculum and instructional practices are based on extensive research, and are tailored to address the unique gifts and challenges of each student. Our students enjoy small class sizes, individualized attention, and access to state-of-the-art technology to facilitate their learning. We offer a wide variety of academic programs, athletic opportunities, fine and performing arts experiences, and social-emotional learning activities. I am truly honored to partner with such committed and caring parents, and fellow educators, and lead this amazing center for learning!

Our web site is designed to facilitate communication and involvement in the District. However, we also value and welcome your direct communication with our teachers, support staff, and administrative team. If you cannot locate the information you are seeking via our web page, please contact me or any member of our team directly.

I can be reached at stangee@sunsetridge29.org or 847.881.9456

For questions regarding Middlefork School, please contact Dr. Mary Frances Greene at greenem@sunsetridge29.org or 847.881.9505

For questions regarding Sunset Ridge School, please contact Dr. Ivy Sukenik at sukeniki@sunsetridge29.org or 847.881.9472

For questions regarding Special Education Services , please contact Ms. Emily Dunham at dunhame@sunsetridge29.org or 847.881.9453
For questions regarding Business Services , please contact Mr. Thomas Beerheide at beerheidet@sunsetridge29.org or 847.881.9457
For questions regarding Tecnology Services , please contact Mrs. Sheri Styczen at styczen@sunsetridge29.org or 847.881.9453
Edward J. Stange, Ph.D.
Superintendent of Schools
(847) 881-9456