Sunset Ridge

School District 29

August 2017 
  • The school is now fully operational and ready for students!
  • Minor detail and "punch list" work is expect to continue through September 2017.
  • Work on Phase II of the project has already started. This includes the demolition of the old school, grading of the west side of the property, and construction of the north driveway from Willow Road, the basketball courts, and the playfields. This work is expected to be completed in October 2017.
June 2017
  • The main offices, gymnasium, music rooms, and 6th Grade community have been completed.
  • Millwork and flooring are the only remaining trades to be completed in the 4th/5th Grade and 7th/8th communities, and the commons area/performance center.
  • Grading for the main driveway and parking lot has begun.
  • Demolition of the old Sunset Ridge School is expected to be completed in late July/early August.
  • The administration is expected to move into the new school in early August.
April 2017
  • Music wing is getting painted and ceilings are being installed
  • Drywall is being completed in academic wing
  • Elevator is being installed 
  • Kitchen hoods and cooler/freezer are being installed
  • Stone work and rigging in theater is being completed
  • Exterior stone work is complete and fiber cement siding is in progress
March 2017
  • Drywall is being taped and sanded in the main office and music classrooms 
  • Drywall is being installed in the 6th grade wing
  • Mechanicals, electrical, and plumbing are being installed in the 4/5 wing and 7/8 wing
  • Exterior stone facia is being installed 
  • 2nd staircase to the 2nd floor is installed
February 2017
  • Drywall is being installed in the main office and music classrooms
  • Mechanicals, electrical, and plumbing are being installed in the Library, 4/5 wing and 7/8 wing
  • First staircase to the 2nd floor is installed
  • Exterior brick facia is being installed
  • Windows are being installed in the acdemic wings
January 2017:
  • East section of the Academic wing is almost enclosed
  • Windows are being installed in the Music wing
  • Interior mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work continues
  • Stone work begins on gym exterior
November 2016:
  • West academic structural steel is underway
  • Preparations are being made to pour interior slabs in many areas
  • Exterior framing continues to enclose building 
  • Exterior finishing of the storm shelter/music wing is underway
  • Gym slab has been poured, roof insulation is being installed
  • Admin wing exterior framing is underway
  • West academic structural steel begins this week 
The week of October 31st:
  • Structural steel has begun in the academic and admin wings of the building
  • Roof decking is being installed in the north section
  • Gym is being prepared for concrete slab pour
  • Plumbing, electrical, and wall framing continues
The week of October 17th:
  • Structural steel is being installed in the north section of the building
  • Interior walls are being framed in the storm shelter/music wing
  • Academic wing stair towers will be completed 
The week of October 10th:
  • East and west stair towers are being constructed
  • Gym roof steel is being installed
  • Underground utility feeds are being run 
The week of September 26th:
  • Rough electrical and plumbing work continues
  • Steel beams, joists, and columns will start being installed
  • Gym walls will be completed 
The week of September 12th:
  • Gym walls are being built
  • Electrical service work will begin
The weeks of August 29th - September 5th:
  • Erection of the storm shelter completed
  • Final foundation work will be done 
The week of August 22nd:
  • Precast wall and roof panels will start arriving and be set in place
  • Underground plumbing work continues
The weeks of July 11th - August 15th:
  • Concrete work continued
  • Almost all footings and piers are complete
  • Mat slab for the storm shelter was completed 
  • Underground plumbing work has begun
The week of July 4th:
  • Concrete footing work continues.
  • Some footings have been poured.
  • Parking lot and drives are being patched from water main work. 
The week of June 27th:
  • Concrete footings are being excavated and formed. 
The week of June 20th:
  • Building pad is almost complete.
  • Work on the new water main will continue on the east side of the building.
  • Preparations for foundation work begin. 
The week of June 13th:
  • New water main piping is being installed.
  • Storm sewer is being completed.
  • Earthwork is nearly complete.
The week of June 6th:
  • Excavation of the detention basin continues.
  • Storm sewer structures and piping are being installed.
  • Work on the new water may begin by week's end.
  • The east drive, playground, and most of the parking lot will be closed off during water main work for public safety. 
The week of May 23rd:
  • Topsoil stripping and  leveling of the site is virtually complete.
  • Excavation of the detention basin is next.
  • Clay from the detention basin will be used to construct the building pad.
The week of May 16th:
  • Rain has slowed the speed of the earthwork, but we are still on schedule!
  • Bid Package #3 was opened on Tuesday, and the bids are currently being reviewed to select the majority of the contractors that will work on the project.
  • Some concrete barricades will be placed near the site entrance and at the turn of the construction road to enhance safety. 
The week of May 9th:
  • Construction trailer is on site.
  • Excavation continues. We should start seeing the detention area forming.
  • Temporary electric service will be installed for the site.
The week of May 2nd:
  • Excavators will be stripping sod and stockpiling black dirt that will eventually be reused around the site.
  • Much off-site engineering work is taking place, such as precast concrete and utility planning.
The week of April 25th:
  • Site protections will continue - silt fence and protective fence around trees that are being saved.
  • Gravel will be brought in for the north construction road and the student walkway along the north construction fence
  • Site earthwork will begin!
The week of April 18th: Let the fun begin!
    • On Monday, the construction fence will start to go up. There will be some modification to the east drive (access from Willow Rd), so please be careful when coming that way.
    • Throughout the week, crews will be working on preparing the site. Some trees will be removed north of the parking lot to prepare the construction access road.
    • Some earth moving equipment will be delivered. Deliveries will be coordinated so as not to effect pickup and drop-off times.
    The week of April 11th:
    • On Monday, the east swing set will be removed in preparation for the site access road. The swing set will be reinstalled at Middlefork School to replace the existing aging swing set.
    • On Tuesday at 5pm, the groundbreaking ceremony will take place on the east side of the building.