Sunset Ridge

School District 29

Student Services Resources and Programs
Parent Resources and Programs
Listed below are links to various community organizations with resources for parents. Visit these sites to learn about informative presentations for parents on a variety of important topics, including:
Early Childhood
Family Communication
Social/Emotional LearningSibling Relationships
NutritionTechnology and Kids
DivorceBehavior Disorders
Childhood/Adolescent Depression
Tools for ParentsHappiness
Setting Limits and BoundariesBullying Awareness
Youth AnxietyFamily Traditions
Being Role ModelsParent/Child Relationships

Respecting Individuality

The Alliance for Early Childhood
The Alliance for Early Childhood provides programs and support for parents and professionals who teach and care for our young children.
Family Action Network (FAN)
Various presentations on different days and times- see website for complete list

Parent Education Consortium (PEC) Calendar
This is a compendium of all of the parenting programs found in the wider North Shore area, culled from information sent from various schools, non-profits, social service agencies, mental health facilities, etc.

Elyssa's Mission

Elyssa's Mission is a community foundation that embraces our children's difficulties through education and communication and promotes those organizations which create a safer today for our youth.

Erika's Lighthouse
Erika's Lighthouse is an organization which strives to break stigma and educate our community about adolescent depression and mental health issues through various community programs.

NSSED Association of Parents and Staff (APS)

Various presentations on different days and times- see website for complete list