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Strategic Plan 2012-2015


Strategic Plan Themes/Goal Areas


  • Infuse 21st Century Skills in daily teaching & learning
  • Continue to incorporate technology in the implementation of 21st Century Skills
  • Research ways to increase opportunities for teachers to collaborate for professional development
  • Continue to develop and implement the overall SEL and discipline programs
  • Execute strategies to enhance gifted and enrichment programming and services
  • Support District 29 teachers in developing differentiation strategies
  • Explore and develop extra-curricular and supplemental programs for summer
  • Comprehend and integrate Common Core Standards for Mathematics into the District 29 curriculum
  • Comprehend and Integrate Common Core Standards for English/Language Arts into the District 29 Curriculum
  • Integrate Next Generation Science Standards
  • Explore options for standards-based reporting/parental communication systems
  • Explore local opportunities to promote global awareness and citizenship among District 29 students
  • Explore alternatives for addressing substantial internal and external financial changes
  • Create a comprehensive long term HR plan (certification, recruitment, hiring orientation, training,
  • Continue to implement the requirements of PERA and SB7