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Matt Wilkinson
Classroom Teacher






Kim Hanson

 Classroom Teacher





Susan Stonequist    

 Classroom Teacher


4th Grade



School Day: 8:18 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Art (Ms. Swanson):
The primary goal in 5th grade art is to cultivate the natural creativity found in young students and to enhance artistic development through drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, and mixed media projects. The elements and principals of design are reinforced while encouraging creativity and self-expression with lessons that are aligned with current National Standards. Students visit the art room once per week for 60 minutes.

Language Arts (Mrs. Hanson):
In Language Arts, the fifth grade focuses on reading nonfiction text and literature, practicing comprehension strategies, investing vocabulary in context, responding to literature, and collaborating in book groups. The fifth grade uses the Lucy Calkins Writing program to explore the writing process and to develop writing skills.

Mathematics (Mrs. Stonequist):
The fifth grade Mathematics curriculum is driven by the University of Chicago's Common Core aligned math program. It includes study of the following topics: Area and volume; Whole number and place value operations; Fraction concepts, addition and subtraction; Decimal place value, computation, and coordinate graphs; Fraction computation; Decimal multiplication and division; Multiplication of mixed numbers, geometry, and graphs; Applications of area, volume and computation.

Physical Education (Mrs. Mattera and Mr. Sislow):
Physical Education focuses on helping students to develop and maintain a suitable level of fitness and health; to become competent in management of their body; to acquire useful skills in the activities throughout the entire year; to foster mental alertness in reacting strategically to game situations; to acquire needed safety skills and habits; to inspire wholesome recreation, and develop a desirable self-concept and self-image; to obtain personal and educational benefits from the program; to develop an appreciation and interest and the cardiovascular benefits of exercise; to interact with others in socially and sound manner; to understand how the body functions and its relationship to physical activity; to demonstrate a knowledge of game rules, safety measures, and etiquette; to understand basic game strategies; to learn the principles of personal hygiene.

Social Studies (Mrs. González):
The fifth grade Social Studies curriculum is based on the inquiry and disciplinary standards from the C3 Framework and focuses on US HIstory.  This includes the study of the following topics: The Thirteen Colonies, American Revolution, US Constitution, Westward Expansion, and the Causes of the Civil War.

Science (Mrs. González):
In Science, the students use the NGSS standards with units on Chemistry, Space, and Biology.  Using student-led science experiments, projects, teamwork, collaboration, and assessments, students get hands-on opportunities to engage in scientific principles and learn how to communicate their findings. 

Spanish (Sra. Westfall):
Fifth grade Spanish focuses on vocabulary, grammar, and cultural spotlights of Mexico.

Student Services:
The fifth grade Student Services Team consists of the school psychologist, a speech and language pathologist, gifted/enrichment teachers, an ELL teacher, and a special education teacher. This team works together to meet the needs of students with IEPs and 504 plans; in addition, they provide other educational supports to all students.