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Advanced Learning

Advanced Learning

Anna Nikolopoulos                                              Monica Brouilette

Advanced Learning Humanities                 Advanced Learning Math/Science

District 29 Board of Education Policy 673 articulates the Board’s commitment to providing services for students with exceptionally high academic skills through the Advanced Learning Program. The policy directs the administration, in collaboration with the Education Committee, to publish the following program components.
Program Description:
The Advanced Learning Program supports students with exceptional academic talents that require in-class differentiation support, supplemental/pullout instruction, and/or curriculum acceleration.

Continuum of Services:
The continuum of services for Advanced Learners begins with in-class differentiation, where staff from the Advanced Learning Program work collaboratively with classroom teachers and instructional assistants to design, implement, and evaluate curriculum and supports (including social emotional) for students. In-class differentiation support is provided to eligible students in all grade levels and subject areas.
Students that require supplementary instructional services (in addition to in-class differentiation supports) may participate in supplementary pullout classes. The frequency of supplementary classes will vary based on annual needs at the district, grade, or classroom level. Pullout classes are primarily offered in the areas of mathematics, science, English/language arts, and humanities. Pullout classes may be facilitated by an Advanced Learning Program teacher or teacher assistant in collaboration with other District staff.
Potential Pullout Services:
Mathematics:  Kindergarten-6th Grade. 1-3 classes/week
Language Arts:  Kindergarten-8th Grade. 1-3 classes/week
Science:   Kindergarten-8th Grade. 1-3 classes/week
Humanities:   Kindergarten-8th Grade. 1-3 classes/week 
Students that require an accelerated curriculum will be considered for grade-level or subject area advancement. Advancement is considered by grade-level or subject, and is available to all students (Kindergarten-8th grade) on a case-by-case basis.

Target Content Areas/Frequency:
Services for Advanced Learners are provided in the areas of Mathematics, Science, English/Language Arts, and Humanities.

The process for selecting students for Advanced Learning Program services varies by subject matter and age, and includes multiple criteria. These include, but are not limited to, standardized test scores, classroom-based assessments, and qualitative input. Given that typical programming will be designed for students with exceptional academic skills in a given content area, commensurate academic performance is expected.
Requests for Advanced Learning Program services may be initiated by a parent, classroom teacher/advisor, or building administrator. A team comprising staff from the Advanced Learning Program, classroom teacher(s), and administrators review and approve requests for services.

Requirements for Math Placements: 6th to 7th:

6th Regular to 7th New Trier Algebra

ØNovember à New Trier Qualifying Test

ØJanuary à SAT – January

6th Regular to 7th Pre-Algebra

ØApril à Spring MAP: 85th+ percentile (242+)

ØMay à Spring AIMS Web Computation: 85th+ percentile (+)

ØMay à Spring AIMS Web Concepts: 85th+ percentile (+)

ØMay à Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test: 85th+ percentile (+)

ØQuarter Grades: A– average

ØTeacher Recommendation

Communication and Reporting Systems:
When a student is selected for services, parents/guardians will be notified by a teacher from the Advanced Learning Program. Notification will also be provided upon any change in programming (e.g., increased frequency of services, decreased frequency of service, discontinuation of services). A progress report regarding each student’s performance in a given pullout class will be sent to parents at the conclusion of a given activity.

The Advanced Learning Program Description, including a listing of offerings by grade level, teacher contact information, and supplementary resources will be published and maintained on the District 29 website.
An annual report regarding the Advanced Learning Program will be submitted to the Education Committee for review and recommended revisions.

The Advanced Learning program is staffed by two full-time teachers: one teacher with expertise in mathematics and science, and one teacher with expertise in English Language Arts and Humanities. The program also has one full-time Teaching Assistant.

Revised 12/13/2018

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