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Individuals playing with a robot on a table, showcasing teamwork and innovation.  A group of children happily playing with a robot in a gymnasium, exploring the wonders of technology together.

Robotics Club runs from Fall to Spring each school year for 6th-8th grade.  The purpose of this competitive club is to offer students an opportunity to be innovative in the robotics realm and to learn basic programming. Student will use VEX Robotics kits and compete in VEX IQ Challenge Tournaments (Winter/Spring, dates TBD). During club meetings, the students will learn to use the components of the kits to build robots and learn to program their robots using programming software. Problem solving and logical thinking skills will be emphasized. Teams usually consist of 4-5 students, with each person on the team working together toward a common goal.

Practice times are TBD for the upcoming year.  Beginners are welcome! Because this is a competitive club, team members rely on each other to build and program the robots. Three unexcused absences from practice will result in removal from the competition team.

Student Requirements:

  • 6-8 Grade
  • Exhibit excellent behavior and academics throughout the school year
  • Dedication to the spirit of the team

Activity Sponsor
Kim Albright