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2nd Grade

Second grade is an exciting year filled with reading, writing, problem-solving and investigating!

Students enter second grade with a range of skills, abilities, and experiences in reading. With a combination of whole class and small group instruction, our goal is to help children read independently at or above grade level by the end of the school year. Among the reading skills that second graders develop are understanding key details in a text, identifying story structure, and analyzing a character’s point of view. Students also begin to compare and contrast and to use text features for comprehension purposes. Second graders also expand their writing repertoires through writing workshop. They have repeated opportunities to write original narratives, informational books, opinion pieces, and poems. Word study is an integral part of second-grade language arts instruction, as students continue to learn and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis to decode and spell new words.

In mathematics, second graders build upon the number sense developed in first grade and apply that even more vigorously to problem-solving situations. The core math curriculum program, Everyday Mathematics, was developed by the Center for Elementary Science and Mathematics Education at the University of Chicago. It is enhanced by daily Number Corner lessons that develop students’ skills (e.g., fact fluency within 20) and higher-order thinking.

In addition to daily math, reading, and language arts activities, second graders enjoy three extensive, hands-on Science units throughout the year (including a Project-Lead-the-Way STEM unit), a full Social Studies curriculum, weekly Character Education lessons, and iPads as an integrated tool in their instructional routines.

It’s a fabulous year in second grade. See below for a sampling of favorite second-grade experiences and curricular programs.

Second Grade Highlights
Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems: Plants
Cross Grade Level Unit on Native Americans
Earth's Surface System: Processes That Change the Earth & PLTW Unit
Everyday Mathematics & Number Corner
Reading and Writing Workshop
Handwriting Without Tears
Keyboarding Without Tears
Medieval Festival Day
Communities Unit
Weekends With Humphrey