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In addition to a comprehensive Physical Education program, we provide a health curriculum for students in fifth through eighth grades. The health curriculum complies with Illinois School Code Section 105 ILCS 5/27 -9.1a by providing an "age and developmentally appropriate, medically accurate, complete, culturally appropriate, inclusive, and trauma-informed comprehensive personal health and safety and comprehensive sexual health education curriculum that meets the specific needs of their community". 

Communications regarding more sensitive instructional topics are sent to the community in advance. Parents can preview instructional materials and ask questions of the presenters prior to the beginning of instruction. They may also opt their student(s) out of participation in lessons by completing a form that will be provided closer to the dates of presentations. 

The health curriculum is an essential step in a child’s growth and development, helping them to make informed decisions concerning their health and wellness. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kristin González and David Sislow.

*****A recording the September 27th parent presentation with Youth Services is available by clinking the following link: Youth Services Presentation Recording. Enter passcode: $q1Gh9MY   In addition, linked here are the PDF presentation and parent resource that were shared by Youth Services.***** 

Below is a list of topics covered by grade level.

5th Grade

  • Body Systems     
  • Skeletal System - Week of April 1st
  • Muscular System - Week of April 8th
  • Circulatory System - Week of April 15th 
  • Nervous System - Week of April 22nd
  • Digestive System - Week of April 29th 
  • Puberty: Youth Services will present this topic to students: February 5th, 6th & 8th

6th Grade

  • Health Triangle: September 6th
  • Goal Setting: September 11th
  • Diet & Nutrition: September 18th
  • Decision Making: September 27th
  • Perspective Taking: Outside Presenter: Haven:  October 3rd
  • Stress Management: Outside Presenter: Haven: October 12th
  • Making and Keeping Friends: Outside Presenter: Haven: October 16th
  • Peer Pressure: Outside Presenter: Haven: October 18th
  • Bullying: Outside Presenter: Haven: October 23rd
  • Erin’s Law: Presenter: Ms. Michelle LaPlante: October 31st
  • Human Reproduction: Outside Presenter: Youth Services: November 6th
  • Boundary Setting and Respect: Outside Presenter: Youth Services:  November 9th

7th Grade

  • Erin’s Law: Presenter: Ms. Michelle LaPlante: September 27th
  • Conflict Resolution: September 28th
  • Depression & Erika’s Lighthouse: Presenter: Ms. Michelle LaPlante: October 10th
  • Sexual Harassment vs. Flirting: Outside Presenter: Youth Services: October 17th
  • LGBTQ + Identities and Allyship: Outside Presenter: Youth Services: October 18th

8th Grade

  • Substance Abuse (Vaping, Alcohol, Drug Abuse): Outside Presenter: Peer Services:  October 3rd–5th. 
  • Erin’s Law: Presenter: Ms. Michelle LaPlante: October 12th
  • The “C” Word (Consent): Outside Presenter: Youth Services: October 31st
  • Loss & Grief: Outside Presenter: Willow House: November 9th
  • Birth Control: Outside Presenter: Youth Services:  November 1st
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections: Outside Presenter: Youth Services: November 2nd
  • Signs of Suicide: Presenter: Ms. Michelle LaPlante: November 6th