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Emergency Information

Emergency Closing
The Superintendent of Schools is authorized to close schools for emergencies. In the event of a school closing or a delayed start, the Superintendent of Schools or the Superintendent's designee will deliver a message via the "Parent Square" communication system to parents/guardians, staff, and partners. The District will also post the closing information on the District's web site. Emergency closing of school during the regular school day shall be at the Superintendent's discretion. Parents will be notified through channels available to the Superintendent.

Fire/Disaster/Lockdown Drill
Middlefork conducts weather/fire/safety drills regularly to acquaint students with the knowledge of the nearest exits, instructions for evacuation, and assigned safe places in the building to seek shelter for a given emergency situation.

Emergency Form
The Emergency Form, required by the school, serves as a source of information in case parents or guardians cannot be reached. School personnel, friends, or neighbors cannot authorize treatment of a child except in an emergency where consent is not reasonably feasible under the circumstance, and failure to respond immediately would adversely affect the condition of the minor's health. Parents should make sure that a current emergency card is on file with the school nurse each new school year and immediately notify the school office of any changes that should occur.