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Welcome to Sunset Ridge School Athletics!

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All athletes that are planning to participate in one or all of the seasons must have agreed to the concussion form on the new registration form. This must be completed before the season begins.



Basketball: Participation involves 6th thru 8th grade boys and girls, offered in the Winter. The duration of the 6th grade season is for 6-7 weeks. The duration of 7th-8th grade season is for 10-11 weeks.

Field Hockey: Participation involves 6th thru 8th grade girls, offered in the Fall.
The duration of the season is for six weeks.

Soccer: Participation involves 6th thru 8th grade boys and girls, offered in the Fall.  The duration of the season is for six weeks.

Volleyball: Participation involves 6th thru 8th grade boys and girls, offered in the Fall for the girls. The boys season is offered to them in late Winter. The duration of the season is for 6-7 weeks.

Track & Field: Participation involves 6th thru 8th grade boys and girls, offered in the Spring. The duration of the season is for 6-7 weeks. 



Interscholastic Athletics at Sunset Ridge School:

  • open to all 6th, 7th, & 8th grade students
  • athletics are no cuts, and are designed to assist in the development of skills, promote sportsmanship and fair play, and provide an experience that fosters the physical, mental, and social-emotional growth within our student-athletes.


Girls Volleyball: Begins around the last wk. Of August/1st week of September to the middle of October. Any 6th-8th grade girl may participate in the sport.


7th/8th Girls Basketball: Begins the 1st week of November to the middle of January. Any 7th/8th grade girl may participate in the sport.


Boys Volleyball: Begins the last week of January to the middle of March. Any 6th-8th grade boy may participate in the sport.



Participation Requirements:

Must maintain a “C” or better average in all classes.



Important Notes About Our Athletic Programs


Expectations: Playing a sport at Sunset Ridge is fun and exciting, but it requires a commitment to the team. Students may encounter an occasional conflict, which may require a player to miss a practice or a game, but it is only fair to the team to attend as many games and practices as possible. On the occasion when a practice or game will be missed, a parent email or note excusing him or her is required. Students and parents should consider other commitments carefully before making the decision to join a school sport. If there is an on-going regular conflict during the season, the students should discuss the issue with the coach prior to the start of the season.


Junior Varsity: Typically comprised of 6th and 7th graders, although depending on numbers and skill level, it is possible for a 6th and 7th grade student to play at the varsity level. Per conference rules, 8th graders cannot play at the JV level.


Varsity: Typically comprised of 8th graders, but again, 6th and 7th graders could be moved to the varsity level for a variety of reasons.


North Shore Independent Conference: The schools we compete against in our conference are: Christian Heritage Academy, Glencoe Central, Marie Murphy, Joseph Sears School, Carleton Washburne, and Wilmette Junior High School.

Uniforms and Cost: There is no cost to participate. Uniforms are provided by the school, but some gear would be bought from home.(shin guards, mouthguards, knee pads,etc.)


Transportation: Buses are provided for all away games. Students will be taken from school and returned to school following the last game of the evening. Students are released from practices and games to parents only, unless a written note or email is provided.


Coaching Staff: While the coaches by sport may change from year to year, they are typically D29 staff and have completed concussion training in accordance with the Illinois High School Association(IHSA), including return-to-play and return-to-learn protocols for students believed to have concussions.


Schedule: Practices are held immediately following the school day until 5:00pm. Games begin at 4:00pm, with the second game immediately following for sports with two teams (Junior Varsity and Varsity). Both practices and games are held Monday-Thursday. At times, there might be a Friday game or practice.


Athletics Calendar: Practice and game schedules for all sports can be found on the Sunset Ridge School website once the season starts. Just click on the right to find the D29 Athletics calendar.


6th Grade Basketball: The 6th grade basketball program operates a little differently than the 7th and 8th grade programs. Because the schools in our conference do not have 6th grade teams, we play schools outside of our conference, but still within the surrounding North Shore area. Practices will be held in the mornings before school, and the girls and boys alternate practice days; however, games will be played after school and the boys and girls will play on the same day. A full game and practice schedule will be provided at the beginning of the season.


Track & Field:  Track and Field is open to participants in grade 6th-8th grade.