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Technology in District 29

Technology at Sunset Ridge School District 29 is infused across all disciplines. All students are equipped with an iPad or Chromebook, all classrooms are equipped with Interactive Flat Panels or Epson interactive whiteboards, and all classrooms have Epson document cameras. From kindergarten through eighth grade, students experience technology integrated lessons that foster creativity, critical thinking, information literacy and global communication.

Beginning in kindergarten, one-to-one iPads provide an avenue for exploration and interaction as students drill and practice, learn to spell, print, draw and compose, read and listen, record and recite, question and answer, drag and drop, map and calculate, chart and format, type and revise.

In third grade, students begin using a 1:1 Chromebook to develop typing and trackpad skills, use full productivity tools, and explore the internet. Starting in fourth grade, students can take their device home which promotes the responsible use of technology and allows them to utilize technology to complete their homework or explore on their own.

Technology Team



  • Ryan Czok
  • Network Manager & Data Security Specialist
  • 847.881.9451


  • Ken Neumann 
  • Technology Support & Data Operations Specialist
  • 847.881.9450


  • Lauren Gray (SRS)
  • Librarian/Media Specialist
  • 847.881.9449